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Why You Need a Photographer When Refreshing Your Personal Branding Site

Refreshing your personal branding website is an exciting project that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take on some dream projects. However, it’s essential to get the basics right for the refresh to have the right impact, and working with a photographer is one way to achieve this.

We all know that having high-quality images is a must for any personal brand website. It showcases who you are and what you offer. But this is only the first reason why it’s necessary to work with a professional photographer. If your personal branding photos do not complement your brand as well as the overall look and feel of your website, they won’t have the effect you’re hoping for. The wrong images can make your website look outdated or out of sync with your site altogether. This is the other reason why it helps to work with a professional photographer. So, what can you expect?

If you decide to work with a personal branding photographer during your website refresh, start by introducing them to your designer. Having access to your designer’s ideas board and your brand’s color palette will make it that much easier to create images that will suit your new site. Being able to discuss potential backdrops, props, and wardrobe ideas will also help during this process.

Over and above this, your photographer will also want you to tell them more about who you are, what your values are, and the personality traits that make you stand out. This information will also be used to create images that match your personal brand and website.

If you find a photographer you really want to work with, but they don’t ask you questions about your personal brand and your site redesign, you might want to continue your search. Make sure that you are also only considering photographers who have personal branding experience. This alone will help you narrow down your list quite significantly. Good luck with your redesign project!

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