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About Us

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Docha Photography is located in Oswego, a western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Owners Douglas and Charlene are visual storytellers who captures life's moments in an unforgettable stunning way. 

Charlene specializes in product photography, event photography and real estate photography. She has a keen eye for the details and will ensure your images showcase the details without visual distractions. 

Douglas specializes in corporate headshots, family portraits, and works the large scale events with Charlene. He has trained eye to see light in a unique way and has a passion for freezing moments of time.

The husband and wife team believe in giving back for their God given talent and work with charities to help share the non-profit's story. They donate their time and talents to numerous groups including the Illinois State Police Memorial Park, Running 4 Heroes, Toys for Tots Kane County, Bike Bald Group, Heart of a Veteran, and Peace For Pits.

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