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The Personal Branding Shots You Can Take Right at Home

Striking images brimming with personality are at the heart of any personal brand. However, if your preferred branding photography isn’t currently taking on new clients or you would prefer not to put your health at risk due to COVID, you can always take some images at home.

Here are the photos that are easy enough to take right at home or at least until you can work with your favorite photographer again.

The Collage

Tell a story using the objects you use on a daily basis. For example, if you are a designer, you can use your notebook, a few prints, and your laptop to create a flat collage you can shoot from above. These creative photos look great on social media and tell people what you do.

The Office

It’s quite likely that you’re currently working from home. Whether this is due to coronavirus or you’ve always worked from home, it’s a good photo opportunity. Clear and spruce up your work area for some personal branding shots. If you want to be in the shots, you may have to rope in a friend or family member to help you out.

The Close Up

These personal headshots work best if you have a tripod to work with. To take a few shots of yourself from the shoulders up, set up your tripod and position yourself in a room with lots of natural light. You can either look directly at the camera or away – whatever you feel more comfortable doing. The message you want to portray will also determine how you pose for these shots. It’s also recommended that you experiment with a few different outfits that showcase your profession and personality.

The Lifestyle

Who you are outside of work should always be a part of your personal brand, so use this time at home to capture these aspects. Whether this is spending time with your children or pets, cooking, or hiking, capture some shots you can add to your website and social media profiles.

Whether you take your photos or a professional photographer does, make images a priority if you want your personal brand to stand out in 2023


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