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The Most Effective Rules for Marketing Your Brand

Updated: 1 day ago

Personal branding is no longer a new concept and with everyone having some sort of digital presence, it’s become more challenging to market yourself and stand out.

However, sometimes, all that’s required is to go back to basics – it’s the simple rules that are often the most effective, and all of these rules are linked to authenticity.

1.      Put a face to your name

Yes, you may already have a profile picture and post regularly on social media, but this isn’t the authentic connection people really want. If you want to build a stronger personal brand, it’s important to also show up in person. For example, why not go live on social media or post a video demonstration instead of always using text and images? Physically showing up at client events and meeting with potential employers in person is also recommended.

2.      Stay on-brand

Next, you want to make sure that what people see is what they get. Not only should your digital imagery be professional and eye-catching, but it should be a true representation of who you are. Over and above that, when you do create a video or meet with a potential client in person, make sure that you are showing up on-brand – be consistent – you are always selling yourself.

3.      Keep your brand alive

This goes hand-in-hand with having a consistent visual representation – you also need to be consistent with what you do and say. Don’t start a debate online and then disappear. Don’t build a following on a specific social media platform only to stop posting for a month or two. Find ways to keep your brand alive – have a plan! And if you say you’re going to get back to someone, follow through.

There’s a lot that you can do to promote your personal brand, but sticking to the basics is just as important, if not essential. In the end, people want to know you’re a real person who can provide real solutions.

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