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Personal or Stock Photo Library: What’s Right for You?

When you need a quick image for a blog or a social media post, most of us turn to stock photo sites. These photos are generally high quality and unique, but the reality is that eventually, at least one other person in your sector will use the same images as you.

So, how do you decide whether you should have a personal photo library for your brand or if stock images will do? Here are a few things to consider:

●      A cohesive brand image makes a difference.  When you only use stock photos, there is no real consistency in terms of your brand image. Using a personal branding library means there is a consistent theme among your images that people can pick up on and relate to. The aim is that eventually, someone would only need to see a specific type of image and immediately be able to link it to your brand.

●      Visualize your message. Your message and vision are core parts of your personal brand. It can be difficult to convey this image effectively using generic stock images – this isn’t the case when you have a personal collection of photos. The same applies to your brand story. Could you really tell a personalized story using images that many other brands and businesses are using?

●      Unique photos are attention-grabbing. When you’re looking at stock photos, one tends to blend into the next – this is not the case with personal branding images. If you’ve always wanted to have a stronger impact online, a personal photo library can help you achieve this. Unique photos that people haven’t seen before are automatically eye-catching. And when people stop what they’re doing to engage with your visuals, your brand becomes ingrained in their minds.

If you want to create a personal image library, know that you don’t need to start out with hundreds of images. Start with a few professional shots and slowly start building your collection with the help of a professional photographer. By making your photos timeless, you can still use them for years to come, provided you don’t change your brand image.

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