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Expert Tips for Creating Lifestyle Content for Your Personal Brand

Lifestyle content is an integral personal branding building block. It gives your audience an up-close and personal view of what your days look like. Lifestyle content is also what gives your personal brand that authentic edge – it’s what will convince more clients to hire and work with you.

If you have been struggling to come up with content ideas or just need some general inspiration, these tips will help.

- Showcase Your Daily Routine.

If there is one thing that will give potential customers and collaborators a better idea of who you are, it’s documenting your daily routine. Showcase the rituals you invest your time in. Do you start your mornings with coffee and an inspirational blog? Do you walk your dog? Where do you spend time working and how do you increase your productivity? Are there specific products you swear by, personally and professionally? What music and podcasts do you listen to during the week? These are all questions that can help you create personalized lifestyle content for your brand.

- Update Your Personal Branding Images.

Visuals alone can make for some of the best lifestyle content. If you haven’t worked with a professional photographer in a while, this is the ideal time. Speak to a photographer about your branding story and why you do what you do. Together, you can create a set of images that tell a story on their own, images you can use as lifestyle content on your blog or social media. Just make sure you are shooting in a lifestyle setting and using props that help tell your story. And in terms of what to wear, opt for clothing you would wear on a general workday, but with an extra touch of style of class – you do want to come across as a professional after all.

- Turn to Your Favorites.

When you need new ideas for lifestyle content that you can personalize, there is always the option of turning to your favorite influencers and entrepreneurs. There is endless inspiration available online, you just have to spend time searching for it. You can even turn away from the internet and browse through magazines that are relevant to what you do – you never know what you might find. Once you have some new ideas for lifestyle content, place them in a content calendar. This way, you are posting and promoting content consistently, keeping your personal brand top of mind within your target audience.

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