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5 Ways to Increase Personal Brand Affinity

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Everyone has brands they keep coming back to, the brands they truly resonate with. This is brand affinity at work. Brand affinity isn’t just linked to products either, it can also be a service provider or even an influencer. If you have a personal brand, affinity is a term you should be aware of. The good news is, it doesn’t take years to build brand affinity either. The key is to convince people your brand shares the same values as them, that you understand them on a personal and emotional level, this is what creates trust. Here are some simple tactics that will help you increase personal brand affinity.

1. Make Them Aware of Your Brand Values

To do this, you need to know what your brand values are. Start by considering your personal values and how those connect to your brand. What values do you think you share with your target audience? Examples of values include transparency, transparency, and attention to detail. Share these values on your website through your copy. Values are also something you can highlight on your social media pages.

2. Share Your Mission

If you don’t have a clear purpose behind your brand, now is the time to decide why you do what you do. Consumers want to know they are buying from brands with a purpose. Not only does a mission connect you with your audience, but it can help drive your decisions as a brand owner too. What do you want to leave behind? This is your mission. Don’t forget to add your mission to your website.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Graphics

Visuals are an integral part of any personal brand. They tell a story and build trust, all without words. However, you need the help of someone who knows how to tell a story with photos for this to be effective. Your personal branding photos should be a combination of you, your place of work, your inspiration, and your products and services. Discuss your vision with your photographer to get their professional input. This is an investment in your brand.

4. Give Them a Memorable Experience

Consumers want to feel cared for, which is why the customer experience is an important piece in the brand affinity puzzle. Go through the purchase process as if you were a customer – what is it like? Is it easy to make a purchase? Did you receive confirmation of your order? If someone had to email you with a query, how quickly do you respond to them? Find ways to improve the customer experience to improve personal brand affinity.

5. Nurture Your Community

Whether it’s through your email list or social media, building and more importantly, nurturing a community, can improve brand affinity. Make a point of connecting and engaging with your community often, in ways that resonate with their needs and goals. What can you do to keep your brand top of mind and help your customers feel seen and heard? Get your community involved with what you are doing.

To build a deeper connection with your audience in 2023 and beyond, give some of your focus to brand affinity. It will leave you with a much stronger foundation and a base of loyal customers.

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