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5 Tips for Choosing Props for Your Upcoming Personal Brand Shoot

When used correctly, props can add a unique touch to your personal branding photos and help you better tell your story. No matter which industry you are in, there are props you can incorporate into your photos. How do you choose though? Here are some tips to help get you started:

1. Don’t Make It Difficult for Yourself. While it’s ok to think outside the box when it comes to choosing props for your photos, it’s important to be realistic. Planning your shoot shouldn’t be a stressful experience, so make sure that the props you have in mind are easy to source.

2. Try and Stay Away from Trends. Those photos you found online and are using for inspiration aren’t necessarily timeless. Be wary of using any props that fit in with current trends as it might mean you need to retake your photos in a year or two.

3. Give It Meaning. Think about the items that could help tell your story as well as those that have, or still do, play a big role in your brand story. What items will give your photos more depth and meaning?

4. Watch the Size. Sometimes, props need to be larger than normal to tell a story, but the size of a prop can impact your photos. Overly large props can take away from the subject of the photo – you. If you do need to use a larger prop, don’t include it in all or even most of your photos.

5. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings. Sometimes, your surroundings can provide all the props you need. Work with the current season or the sites of the city you live in. You don’t need to spend money on props when you can make do with what surrounds you.

If this happens to be your first personal branding shoot, speak to your photographer about a few ideas to get some creative ideas flowing.

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