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3 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to Your Personal Brand Session

Once you’ve selected your photographer, it’s time to start planning out your outfit(s) for the photoshoot. This is a crucial element of the shoot overall because, as we all know, what we wear is a way of expressing who we are and what we do – visually.


Consider Your Brand Colors 

This photoshoot is specific to your personal brand, which is why you will want to take any and all colors related to your brand into consideration when planning your outfit(s). Even if you don’t necessarily want to wear the exact colors within your brand, you will want to make sure there is some cohesiveness between the colors you wear and your brand.


Style According to the Message You Want to Project

Personal branding photos are a way to show people a little bit about you and what you’re all about, in a snapshot. When planning out the outfit(s) you’re going to wear keep that messaging in mind. For example: if you’re a creative person with a creative role/business, opt for pieces that are colorful and unique as opposed to clothing that is really conservative and formal.


Wear What You’re Comfortable Wearing

Seriously! You want to show up as your best, authentic self for your photoshoot. If you select pieces that you’re not really comfortable wearing that will show through in the images. Make sure the outfits you are putting together make you not only look great, but FEEL your best self. You should be able to move around freely, pose easily, and breathe!


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