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3 Key Principles to Adopt for Personal Branding Success

With everyone doing so much work online, how potential clients perceive you online matters. Your personal brand is valuable and is one of the best ways to market yourself throughout your career – if you do it right that is.

If you really want to make the most of your personal brand and get it to work for you, stick to these main principles.

1.     Understand Your Audience

Who are you hoping to reach and appeal to with your personal brand and what’s important to them? Knowing this can help you build a stronger personal branding strategy that draws in exciting and relevant new projects and work opportunities. From your visuals to your content, knowing your audience is essential.

2.     Don’t Stay Stagnant

Promoting your personal brand is another critical principle. Promoting your brand doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay for advertising either, it simply means staying relevant and top of mind in front of your target audience.

When people get used to seeing you and hearing from you, you are more likely to be the first person they contact for new projects and opportunities. Don’t forget to make any of your promotional activities consistent and authentic too for the best results.

3.     Think Long-Term

A personal brand is not something you can create and then leave. You are going to change as are your skills and personal preferences – you need to make sure your personal brand reflects this at every stage of your career. How you promote your brand will also change as the digital arena evolves and employers and client requirements change too.

And there you have it, with these guiding principles, you can head forwards with a more prominent personal brand that helps you achieve your goals.

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