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20 Instagram Post Ideas for Your Personal Brand

Coming up with new and exciting posts for your Instagram feed is not always easy, especially when you are building a professional personal brand. Before you begin planning your next batch of posts though, make a list of the main content themes your personal brand is based on. If you specialize in a specific type of service, what are the main topics you generally talk about? Use these topics as pillars for the rest of your content – your content should be a branch of one of these pillars.

Now that you have those pillars in place, here are some general Instagram post ideas that you can use:

1. Share a post from an expert in your industry who inspires you.

2. Answer a commonly asked question or debunk a misconception about your industry or what you do.

3. Explain what you do to prepare for your day or wind down after a long day.

4. Share a lesson or failure that you recently experienced and explain how it will impact what you do or how you do it.

5. Create a video that gives followers a look at what goes on in your offices on a daily basis.

6. Share an image of your workspace and explain your inspiration behind the décor.

7. Create a video tutorial related to your product or the service you provide.

8. Share your highlights from the past week on a Friday. This can be a regular post.

9. Develop a series of posts that highlight things that make you happy or that inspire you.

10. Share a photo from your recent professional photo session.

11. Give followers a sneak peek of what you’re currently working on without giving too much away.

12. Share a useful tip that’s related to the product or service you offer.

13. Run a competition as a way to increase your following. This would need to be a paid promotion.

14. Make followers aware of your brand’s core values.

15. Share an image related to the most recent piece of content on your site.

16. Explain what it would be like to work with you.

17. Share a post from one of your followers that you feel the rest of your followers would appreciate.

18. Showcase what’s important to you outside of work.

19. Share a quote that got you through the past week.

20. Share how you usually find inspiration for your projects.

As you create your Instagram content plan, remember to think carefully about the images you use. Not only should they be consistent and match your brand, but professional too.

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